Stay close with R&M/Mobile

R&M/Mobile is more than a connection, it’s a travel companion to help you stay informed, reassured and safe on the move. From travel alerts to boarding passes seamlessly integrated within mobile wallet, R&M/Mobile adds a further level of inspired ease to your travel.

Available for iOS, Android & Windows

The Platinum Club

Welcome to a service that isn’t just made for you, it’s inspired by you. The Platinum Club is a bespoke ultra VIP management service tailored to your exact needs. Consider The Platinum Club as your own personal travel butler, proactive and astute, almost able to anticipate your needs before they arise. Here there are no travel issues. No challenge that cannot be overcome. No level of discretion and security too high. If your travel needs are changing and you require a greater level of service, then maybe it’s time to consider The Platinum Club.

Your seat, exactly how you like it

Have you got a particular side of the plane you like to sit, or even a specific seat number? We can help you secure it – and, of course, remember those preferences for future use. Simply let us know the way you like to travel.


    However you decide to book, we are here to support you. We understand sometimes it’s straightforward and you simply want to book online. Or, you can rely on your dedicated agent to answer any questions you have and bring your travel plans to life.

  • Emergency Travel Number

    Should the worst happen and you need emergency assistance, we are available 24/7/365. Telephone: +1 215-845-5555

Duty of care 24/7

Should you find yourself stranded and in need of our Emergency Travel Service you can rely on Reed & Mackay to support and protect you 24/7.


  • Online check-in

    We know as soon as the check-in desk is open, so we can secure you the right seat and get you an upgrade, when possible.

  • How are we doing?

    What do you think of our service? Got an idea on how we could improve? We would really appreciate your feedback. Simply drop us a line.