Stay safe at all times

R&M/Mobile can alert you to changes in your itinerary or your safety and offer alternative solutions. It can equip you with key information for unfamiliar or high-risk destinations. And it can deliver country risk reports tailored to your trip by crime, security, political unrest, health and terrorism. Our ‘Send my Location’ button tells your company where you are in one click, saving critical time in an emergency situation.

Flight boarding passes

R&M/Mobile gives you access to flight boarding passes, forwarded directly to your mobile wallet. No need to download multiple airline-specific apps for your travels.

  • Itineraries and travel information

    Access your latest itinerary, notification of gate changes, cancellations, connection issues or delays.

  • Changes to arrangements

    Should plans change, you’ll have direct access to flight schedules, enabling you to send options directly to your PA or dedicated agent for booking.

The Perfect Traveler Companion

R&M/Mobile keeps you in touch and in control at every stage of your journey.

  • Schedule Information

    When plans need to change – you can send options for booking.

  • Tailored Travel Alerts

    To pre-warn you of delays, cancellations or events – from terrorist alerts to taxi strikes.

  • Boarding Passes

    Integrated within mobile wallet to speed you through the airport.

  • Full Itinerary Storage

    Store all your trip details in one place for convenience.

  • Flight Tracking

    Monitor connecting flights on the move to avoid hold ups.

  • Local Travel Maps & Information

    Quickly find your way around unfamiliar destinations.

  • Send My Location

    Check-in when entering volatile areas for reassurance and protection.

  • Approve on the go

    To help drive policy compliance and reduce the overall cost of travel, R&M/Mobile integrates with R&M/Approve. This allows travelers to approve trips on the go simply by clicking ‘approve’ or ‘decline’.

  • Duty of care

    R&M/Mobile demonstrates how much importance we place on duty of care for our travellers. Should alerts be raised for a traveler’s itinerary, due to an approaching weather front or political instability, R&M/Mobile is there to ensure that our travelers are aware and that a dedicated consultant is working on a solution to secure their safety and minimize downtime.