Maximized comfort and minimized cost

R&M/Book displays the seating preferences at the time of booking for every airline, allowing you to get the seat and the price you want.

Everything you need in one place

Immediate access to air, rail, car hire and hotel content means a time saving of over 70% compared to other tools. R&M/Book will compare rail fares against domestic flight options to show savings of up to 40%. Unique functionality also includes preferred hotel options, making R&M/Book the only system you need to travel.

  • Customize with multiple policies

    Full control delivers maximum savings. R&M/Book includes a flexible and robust policy engine – increasing savings without compromising user experience. What’s more our ‘reason for travel’ option enables you to customize your own specific policy rules, flexing the policy for chargeable projects and tightening up on non-essential travel.

  • One platform

    R&M/Book gives travelers all the information they need in one place to keep them informed of travel alerts and updates. In addition, Travel Managers have the visibility they need to oversee traveler safety and program performance.

Sharper hotel cost comparison

As soon as a search is started for air and rail, R&M/Book will recommend preferred hotels in that city, geo-coded to your office location. An easy-to-use and interactive map plots locations, compares cancellation policies and amenities to help you select the best option for your traveler’s needs. Indeed, the unique basket functionality within R&M/Book allows users to share comparison options with travelers by email to speed up the booking process and secure the lowest fares and hotel rates.

  • Security

    R&M/Book is the only booking tool to be PCI compliant and protected by ISO 27001, the essential data security certification and ISO22301, the international business continuity certification.

Why R&M/Book?

Increase adoption and reduce your travel costs with our industry leading online booking tool. Whether you’re looking for one tool across the globe or best in market features, R&M/Book can make your travel so much easier.

  • Air, hotel, ground transport all in one easy to use system – providing price comparison of alternative modes of transport in one search

  • Quick, easy and convenient to use – 70% quicker than other OBTs

  • Support multiple travel policies based on reason for travel – driving policy compliance

  • Shortlist travel options and send on to your travelers – for speed and efficiency

  • Linked to expense management system for simple reconciliation

  • Optional online check-in to save time at the airport

  • Office locations built in to help with hotel search selection

  • Data held securely – peace of mind that traveler data is secure

  • Supports flexible payment options, including virtual cards – removing the need for individual credit card payments

  • Linked to all Reed & Mackay technology for complete visibility