Time saving

Don’t waste time with complex paper trails. By automating approval you speed up the process and help secure the best fares. You also benefit from an enhanced audit trail and improved convenience as approval can be sanctioned through the R&M/Mobile.

Strengthened policy management

Protect your bottom line with fully integrated policy management and approval. No matter how complex your policy, our approval tool is built to adapt, taking into consideration multiple cost centers and layers. We tailor the solution to deliver the best results to your business.

  • Approval hub

    As a travel manager or travel arranger you will have the same visibility of requested and approved trips as your dedicated team delivered through your travel portal.

  • Enhanced visibility of fares

    Benefit from improved visibility of fares, both accepted and declined to help challenge non-compliant behavior.

Pre-trip approval

The pre-trip approval tool offers a simple accept/decline facility, whether you are office based or on the move.

  • Approve trip from any location via desktop, mobile, tablet – no matter where you are

  • Email authorization – saving approvers considerable time and speeding up the process

  • Inclusive free-text field to allow for detailed decline responses

  • Approval status available in R&M/Portal to prompt reminders

  • Complete customization for each client – we can support infinite approval levels or reasons for travel

  • Ability to cancel and resend approval if the price changes – to ensure compliance on every situation