How to encourage adoption of a new tool

Online booking tools Using the internet for booking leisure travel has become commonplace and the adoption rate in the corporate travel industry is catching up quickly. Despite the fact that many people are accustomed to booking their own holidays through various online tools, driving the adoption of a corporate online tool throughout an organization can often be met with challenges. Particularly in companies with an existing high-touch booking team, the habit of picking up the phone, or going to the in-house travel desk for even the simplest trip can be difficult to break. It can also be a challenge if a corporate travel company of any kind is new to your organization. If your company has previously allowed bookings via leisure websites, your employees may have a preferred option that they will be hesitant to cease using.

Have a Plan

The key to successfully encouraging the adoption of a corporate online booking tool in any company is to have a communication plan in place from the start. This ensures your adoption process reaches all the relevant employees with the right information in the most effective way possible.

After your company has made the decision to adopt a particular tool, a plan highlighting the various benefits to different groups of employees should ideally begin at least a few weeks before your ‘Go Live’ date. Use your company’s internal communications channels to highlight different benefits and possibilities now available to them.

Internal Ambassadors

Recruiting at least one internal ambassador within your company can make a significant difference in adoption rates. This should be someone in a senior management position; if buy-in at senior level is evident, it is far more likely that more widespread adoption will happen.

Communicating the Benefits

Your communication plan needs to highlight the main benefits to adopting a corporate online booking tool. Different audiences within your organization will have different priorities that should be considered during this phase. Some of the main benefits include:

Increased traveler safety with tracking

Traveler safety and security becomes ever more important by the day. In the current climate, where emergency situations can occur in the most unexpected places, knowing where your travelers are located is paramount to fulfilling your duty of care responsibilities. Without a centralized tool for your corporate travel, this isn’t possible. Read more about how to track your travelers in an emergency.

Single, protected traveler profiles

With cybercrime a growing issue for most industries, storing data like passport details and payment information in multiple leisure booking sites can open you and your company up to data risks. Corporate online booking tools store your information securely, in a single location, helping protect you against security breaches.

Easy booking, any time of day

For those who often need to book travel at the last minute, outside of business hours, an online tool that can produce prices and availability immediately is extremely convenient. With a corporate tool, your travel arrangers can benefit from the 24/7 convenience of an online system and stay safe in the knowledge that they are adhering to company travel policies (discover how to control travel policy with an online booking tool). This also helps maintain the travelers’ safety through traveler tracking.

Commercial benefits to your business

For your business, perhaps the most significant benefit will be the cost savings that come with using a corporate tool. A comprehensive system will allow your travel arrangers to find the best fares whilst still ensuring that the correct ticket type is purchased (i.e. appropriate flexibility, cabin class, luggage allowances). By accessing the best logical ticket fares and lowering your transaction fees by reducing the number of high-touch bookings required, your costs will reduce and your productivity will rise.