Technology is moving at an unprecedented  rate which is allowing for faster processing of bookings and more availability for the travel industry but we believe more can be done to help optimise the processes, from accommodation and transportation, providers need to change and adapt to new technology.

In order to provide comprehensive analysis and information for C-Level executives, Senior Level decision makes and government policy makers,  Raconteur in conjunction with the Times have published a 16 page report on the Future of Business Travel. The report provides in-depth knowledge and articles from Industry leaders providing information on a range of topics from Duty of care for the traveller to the corporate carbon footprint and how companies are helping to reduce their carbon footprint and much more.

The Future of Business Travel looks different for every business within the travel sector, at Reed & Mackay our focus is all around our Extraordinary service we provide to our clients so the Future of Business Travel for us means using technology to help us to provide an even better service than was previously ever imagined or thought possible.

To read or article on the Future of the Business Traveller please click here: and to read and download the full report on the Future of the Business Travel, please click here: