24th May

POSITION: Solutions Architect

REPORTING TO: Head of Solution Architecture



The Travel Solution Architect is an overall “solution” architect and has both a broad and deep understanding of how a TMC provides technical, financial and operational components to our customers so as to fulfil their business travel requirements. They will relish having this broad knowledge and being in front of larger groups of people internally and externally. They will understand how pivotal their role is to co-ordinating the various functions and should see themselves as an Orchestra Conductor to the Orchestra that is R&M at large.



All R&M in-house products – demo & configure (IQ, Book, Portal, Protect, etc.)

  • Understand to a very good degree 3rd Party OBTs supported by R&M minimum Concur, GetThere and Traveldoo
  • Have a fair understanding of Methods of payment, currencies supported, invoicing, exchange and refunds process.
  • Have a fair understanding of the IT process and understanding of the published roadmap (Feeds, Hand-offs, common security questions (i.e. certifications, etc))
  • Special deep-dive knowledge of how to implement and recommend Approval processes and policies.
  • Have a fair understanding of the Operations processes including (out of hours, languages, hubbing, etc.)
  • Ability to create and alter workflow diagrams
  • Ability to facilitate workshops and solution sessions
  • Ability to present to groups of up to 20 people or various degrees of seniority
  • Good mastery of:
    • Powerpoint
    • Visio – for flow diagrams



To support sales teams appropriately during presentations (i.e. Demo, requirements elicitation, solution design)

  • To support bid teams when questions arise requiring Subject Matter expertise
  • To follow clients from the sales into the implementation process
  • Maintain oversight and solution knowledge and customer relationship for the solution sold into the customer during the pre-sales cycle
  • Where simple, go straight to build, and where more complicated, design, supervise and co-ordinate the solution component parts of the implementation.
  • As far as possible, they will sell the value of existing capability and avoid selling new development, as such understanding how to “work-around” or “stretch” functionality is important.
  • To be an advocate of R&M, its solutions, and confident in our capability beyond that of competitors.
  • Be responsible for the go-live and any training strategy that will have been recommended to customers to ensure successful adoption and ramp of a customer’s business
  • To become a “trusted advisor” to the travel manager
  • To periodically run refresher/induction sessions for R&M staff to continuously improve the knowledge of entire R&M team of our customer solutions
  • Contribute development suggestions, either as part of an engagement or by virtue of what they are experiencing in sales cycles and which will differentiate us in the market
  • Contribute to building a body of knowledge in a “system” which can be used by other team members.