Where in the world are your travelers right now?

Time is of the essence in an emergency situation. R&M/Protect delivers one centralized global view to help you pinpoint the exact location of every one of your travelers in real-time. So should the worst happen, your team can be brought to safety as soon as humanly possible.

R&M/Protect includes an interactive map that enables the instant visibility of every traveler’s location against a backdrop of color-coded destination risk ratings. Travel managers can filter by ‘at risk’ countries and export the list of affected travelers directly from the map.

Reed & Mackay’s dedicated agents and Incident Management Unit have the same view on their booking screen to ensure maximum protection.

Destination risk intelligence

R&M/Protect provides in-country intelligence, including country risk ratings, critical medical and security information. Delivered in partnership with iJET, the leading risk intelligence provider, travelers and business leaders can use an integrated Knowledge Hub to access webinars, industry papers and seminars to stay fully informed.

Full risk response

Reed & Mackay works in partnership with your nominated risk management provider to deliver a full risk response solution, including on-the-ground assistance and extraction.

  • Incident management

    Fully managed in-house, with experts trained to Reed & Mackay’s exacting standards, our Incident Management Unit is ready to react 24/7/365.

  • Instant alerts

    Travel alerts are distributed instantly across critical platforms like email, R&M/Mobile and R&M/Portal. Alerts contain important background information, critical advice and a link to Google maps, showing the affected area.