The challenge of global visibility

UK and European office travel was booked and managed by Reed & Mackay UK. However, the U.S. office was using a combination of Reed & Mackay UK alongside local direct bookings so that they could access local market fares. This resulted in a loss of reporting capabilities and potential lost savings.

Under one roof

  • With Reed & Mackay operating in both the UK and U.S, the client was able to consolidate bookings within Reed & Mackay, whilst still being able to access U.S. local fares.

Benefits of becoming a Global Client:

  • Central control of costs (including missed and accepted savings)
  • Improved Duty of Care with global traveller tracking
  • Access to Reed & Mackay exclusive rates and a price match guarantee
  • Ticketing, invoicing and reporting in both GBP and USD
  • 24/7 Emergency travel support with a dedicated team
  • Access to Reed & Mackay technology across global travel programme

Increase savings with online adoption

  • During the process of opening the Reed & Mackay USA account, it was established that due to significant levels of U.S. domestic travel, adopting Reed & Mackay’s online booking tool, R&M/Book, as part of the process would reduce transaction costs and give travellers the ability to quickly book their own travel.

A new consolidated programme

  • The client now has a dedicated team across the UK and USA ensuring continued sharing of information
  • R&M/Book is implemented in the U.S; cost savings and streamlined booking processes have already been highlighted as being beneficial with┬áR&M/Book adoption in the UK office now being explored
  • U.S. office now has full visibility of travellers via the R&M/Portal
  • Reed & Mackay can now provide data on a global level, increasing leverage and oversight of costs to continuously find ways to optimise the overall travel programme