Using mobile apps for a multitude of purposes has become a common part of everyday life for most business travellers. The travel industry, like many others, has embraced this trend with open arms. Airlines, hotels, travel companies and many others have developed their own proprietary apps in a bid to make their customer’s travel experience integrate seamlessly into their existing app-behaviour.

The challenge is that users often find themselves with an overload of apps. When it comes to business travel, some travel management companies (TMCs) have worked to help eliminate this issue with their own apps that consolidate all travel requirements into a single tool. Despite this fact, adoption can be slow. Employees may have preferred airline or hotel apps that they are accustomed to, and will be hesitant to abandon.

Have a Plan

The key to successfully encouraging app adoption is to have a communication plan in place.

After your company has made the decision to adopt a particular tool, ensure you are effectively highlighting all the benefits. Use your company’s internal communications channels to highlight the possibilities now available.

Internal Ambassadors

Recruit at least one internal ambassador within your company; doing so can make a significant difference in adoption rates. Ideally this is someone well known within the business in a senior management position; if buy-in at senior level is evident, it is far more likely that more widespread adoption will happen.

Communicating the Benefits

Your communication plan needs to highlight the main benefits to adopting a corporate travel app.

The Benefits to Consider

Increased traveller safety with tracking

In the current climate, knowing where your travellers are located is paramount to fulfilling your Duty of Care responsibilities. Many TMC apps now include the ability to ‘Send your Location,’ alerting key contacts to where a particular traveller may be, and helping indicate if they may need assistance. Traveller safety and security becomes ever more important by the day; therefore the ability to send a push notification to a group of travellers quickly, requesting their location, can go a long way in helping to ensure their safety.

Travel plans at your fingertips

For the traveller, perhaps the largest benefit is the ability to access itinerary information, mobile boarding passes, travel alerts and more in a single programme. Eliminating the need to pull itineraries from emails, sign in to one airline app for flight plans, perhaps a hotel app for room booking details and so on. Consolidating this information means a faster, smoother experience.

There is also the added benefit of automatic alerts should an airport gate change, or a flight be delayed. Having that information without having to find and check departure boards all the time means a traveller can relax, knowing they have all they need at their fingertips.

Plans changed? Find alternative options immediately

In business travel, plans change, frequently at the last minute. Being able to access live flight availability and in minimal clicks, send that information straight to your booker to arrange, can take a great deal of stress out of the situation. With an app that integrates live flight schedules, gone are the days of trying to make calls or find airline help desks to collect the endless flight options together and hope you can determine the best option.

The convenience and increased security provided by an innovative TMC app make a consolidated option like this a good alternative to the multiple individual apps available. With the right communication and ideally some senior-level ambassadors, your business travellers will soon start to see the great benefits they receive for the very small cost of a minute spent downloading.