Reed & Mackay delivers meeting booking solution for enhanced duty of care

New meeting booking capability brings cohesion to travel and meeting management as businesses return to in-person meetings

LONDON, June 10, 2021 – Reed & Mackay, the leading global travel and event solutions business and part of the TripActions Group, has added meeting booking capability to their travel and event management platform, providing fast access to thousands of covid-19 safe venues as companies return to in-person meetings.

As companies move from office first to flexible working, they are navigating the challenges posed by a rapid return to in-person meetings against a backdrop of scaled back real estate. Reed & Mackay is meeting this challenge with a cohesive travel and meeting booking solution that brings greater ease of booking, cost control and enhanced duty of care to meeting management.

“Our clients asked us to centralise meeting and travel booking within one platform for a more cohesive experience. Offsite meeting space is in demand; not only do businesses need to know that a venue is Covid-19 safe, they also need to be able to adapt that meeting space to a hybrid set up at short notice in line with changing restrictions” said Julie Oliver, Chief Operating Officer, Reed & Mackay.

The latest enhancement to Reed & Mackay’s technology ecosystem, R&M/Meet empowers users to book meeting space quickly and easily, securing industry leading rates while adhering to safety, cost control and sustainability objectives. All without compromising venue quality.

“R&M/Meet enables Reed & Mackay’s clients to book travel and meeting space through one portal, with centralised payment and one view of where travel and meetings are taking place to support a company’s duty of care” continued Oliver.

Key R&M/Meet features include:

• Save countless hours searching for venues and waiting for their pricing proposals. Find the right venue, at the right price, fast with 150,000 venues at your fingertips.
• Gain peace of mind knowing that your people are safe, and your reputation is protected with safety information visible at the point of booking
• Align your meeting strategy with your wider sustainability goals by saying no to plastic and paper usage when making a booking
• Save time and hassle on room set-up by selecting the hybrid event technology option for your meeting room at the booking stage
• Central visibility means no need to combine reports in emergency situations when time is of the essence
• Save time and hassle with no need to reconcile invoices across platforms for travel and meetings space attached to one event

About Reed & Mackay

Reed & Mackay delivers corporate travel and event solutions, helping businesses to connect effortlessly across the globe. Established as a family business nearly 60 years ago, today, Reed & Mackay is recognised as the global leader for delivery of extraordinary service in the travel and events arena. Born from close working relationships within the financial, legal and insurance sectors, Reed & Mackay combines inspired service with state-of-the-art technology to create a level of travel and event management like no other and deliver value that you might not believe possible. In May 2021, Reed & Mackay became part of the TripActions Group and continues to operate as a standalone brand.