Offsetting emissions

Through our partnership with ClimateCare, we contribute to projects that impact local communities and create real change, as well as benefit the environment.These projects include Gyapa clean cookstoves in Ghana, Aqua Clara water filters in Kenya and wind farms in India.

The Gyapa stove project makes and sells locally-produced efficient cookstoves which cut emissions, reduce exposure to toxic fumes and decrease fuel bills.

The Aqua Clara Project in Kenya meets both urban and rural needs, going beyond the filters to train communities in water hygiene and creating skilled job opportunities in local production and distribution.


Working with our clients

R&M/Insights provides carbon emission reports to not only ensure clients can accurately offset their omissions, but can also make informed choices for the future.

We work with our clients to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly policies and build a travel programme highlighting hotels and airlines that work to cut down carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses.