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Corporate Travel Technology

Drive savings and traveller satisfaction with easy-to-use technology designed for EAs and travellers alike.

With R&M/Portal, enjoy the latest travel inventory in once place, centralised policy control, enhanced cost savings and fast access to reporting.

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  • risk-management

    Risk Management Platform

    Traveller tracking, country risk intelligence and the latest COVID-19 restrictions
  • Sustainability Tool Kit

    Point of sale carbon intelligence, personalised reporting and carbon offsetting
  • Business Insight Tools

    The information you need to make fast and smart decisions that drive real change

Simplify your business travel programme with people-led technology?

FD Technologies needed an enhanced business travel booking, monitoring and reporting experience for its global workforce.

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Exclusively available to Reed & Mackay clients, R&M/Mobile is more than a mobile app, it’s a travel companion.

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