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Why Use Reed & Mackay

We deliver the extraordinary in the travel and events arena. Combining innovation and scale as part of the TripActions Group, with 60 years of in-depth travel knowledge, we bring you inspired service with state-of-the-art technology.

Our reputation for going the extra mile is backed by client retention rates of more than 97%.

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Award Winning Team

Delivering on your objectives

Our Client Success Managers are driven, creative and highly effective. They collaborate closely with customers to drive change and add value globally, and locally. They are the conductors of your orchestra.

Aligning your Reed & Mackay Team, across every function and every region. Pulling together service, innovation, negotiation, the latest technology and data insights to deliver a high-performing travel programme, tailored to your specific needs, in support of your wider business goals.  

Thank you for the amazing support you continue to give us. With all the changes within the travel industry, it’s been extremely important to have you on our team. Your efficiency and dedication to our account hasn’t gone unnoticed.

– Global Shipping Company
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Case Study

Inspired Service and Value

Three markets. Eight weeks. One pandemic. Discover how we got a new client up and running in the middle of a national lockdown.

As a global business, we were looking for a complex solution that allowed all employees to use the same travel booking tool in the same way. The entire Reed & Mackay team were very easy to deal with and professional throughout the entire process from start to finish.

Rob Stepney – Head of Commercial Finance
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The reed & mackay way

  • Obsessive about service

    We have a real passion to achieve the extraordinary and care about the smallest of details.

  • Expert problem solvers

    No trip is too complex, we love problem-solving and thrive when the pressure is on.

  • Innovative thinkers

    We do not just follow. We’re brave and imaginative in our thinking, always looking forwards.

  • Team players

    We’re a global team of experts and an extension of our clients’ business. Humbled to support their wider success.

Nothing Is Too Much Trouble

Now you know what we’ve done for others, we’d love the opportunity to discuss how much we could do for you and your travel programme.

  • Typhoon


    When a typhoon hit Hong Kong, we made sure it did not impact our client’s schedule. After carefully watching events and cancellations from 6,000 miles away, we got in touch to let them know that a storm was about to disrupt their travel plans. After arranging alternative flights, we kept a keen eye on events to ensure a seamless journey home. No matter how far you travel, no matter what time of the day or night, with Reed & Mackay you’re never on your own.


    When the world locked down, one traveller found himself over 11,000 miles away from his 18-year-old son. Unable to get him home and determined not to leave his child alone in Auckland for the duration of lockdown, he called us. Borders were closing across the globe and ‘no transit’ rules meant the usual routes were no longer an option. Sydney, Singapore, Toronto and Vancouver were all non-starters. Undeterred, we reunited father and son in less than 48 hours.


    At Reed & Mackay we do everything we can to get our clients where they need to be. However, there are some things even we cannot foresee. Like the client whose case went wandering. A case that contained a very important suit for a very important meeting. Disaster? We didn’t think so, we simply noted down his measurements and had a sharp new suit delivered to his destination – in the middle of nowhere, on top of a mountain, without any road. How did we do it? Now that would be telling.

97 Client Retention
4 in BTN Europe’s leading TMC report
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Global Travel Technology

Our global technology platform and booking tools are designed to navigate the travel complexities faced by high-performance businesses.

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“Extraordinary service sets us apart”

“At Reed & Mackay, our ability to deliver extraordinary service has always set us apart. We are proud to be recognized as setting the standard for service excellence both in travel and event management on the global stage.”

Fred Stratford CEO, Reed & Mackay

Trusted by exceptional businesses

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The value of partnership

Community matters greatly to us at Reed & Mackay. We believe that in sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas we can all raise the bar higher.

That’s why, when you join the Reed & Mackay client base you become a valuable part of a community of people, all passionate about travel and events.

You gain access to podcasts, webinars, round tables and more, and if you’re looking to launch a new initiative, we’ll connect you with peers for first-hand insight.

Together we go further.

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