TripActions is now officially Navan and at Reed & Mackay we’re hugely excited to be part of this innovative family. Don’t worry, the Reed & Mackay brand and our exceptional service is going nowhere. We’ll be leveraging the scale, content reach and innovation of the wider Navan group to double down on our commitment to world class service and our client-led product suite. Exciting developments to come across the group. Watch this space.

PALO ALTO, February 7, 2023 — TripActions, the all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution, today announced that it has rebranded to Navan and consolidated its platform solutions into a super app. The name change comes as the company defines a new category of software: Business Software Designed for People.

“Today’s enterprises need solutions that increase operational efficiencies, decrease costs, optimize processes, and ensure compliance. At the same time, employees want to eliminate menial and manual tasks that take unnecessary time and energy away from their actual jobs. When done well, it’s a magical experience for all involved—that’s what users get with Navan,” says Navan co-founder and CEO Ariel Cohen.  

Navan, a combination of the words navigate and avant, has pioneered the next generation of business software based on a people-centric product design. Utilizing the cloud, mobile, and AI technology, Business Software Designed for People delivers a personalized experience for everyone, from front-line workers to managers and executives.

In alignment with that standard, Navan has pulled all of its travel and expense offerings into a single super app that is now accessible to individual business travelers with an associated company email address. It has also integrated OpenAI’s API with its AI-powered virtual travel assistant, Ava, making Navan the first travel company to leverage the technology. 

“We believe business software should focus on the user by providing them with a smooth, efficient, and well-supported experience,” says Ilan Twig, Navan co-founder and CTO. “Since the company’s inception, it has been a leader in the travel and expense industry, incorporating AI to drive automation, predictability, optimization, and world-class customer support for users. Since we already had that infrastructure, incorporating OpenAI’s API to our codebase and Ava was a natural next step.”

The brand change comes as a direct result of the company’s growth and evolution. TripActions’ founding vision of a simplified corporate travel experience has expanded to address the intertwined pain points of expense reporting, spend management, corporate cards, group travel, VIP travel, meetings and events, and personal travel.

Navan’s web and mobile applications are now available to download; new users can sign up with their company email and start using the app to book and manage travel without the need for a company-wide contract.  

“Navan brings business travel into the 21st Century: fully automated, super smart, and delightful to use,” says Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Ben Horowitz. “If Navan was available when I was an enterprise software CEO, I might still be an enterprise software CEO.”

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