Stay Safe

Online booking with a personal touch

For time-poor travellers, R&M/Mobile puts everything they need to make a booking, navigate their trip and stay connected on the move safely in their pocket with the comfort of a dedicated team behind the scenes.

Push notifications

Push notifications alert the traveller when their boarding pass is available in addition to letting them know they have received a seat or room upgrade.

Flight passes

The Essential Traveller Companion

R&M/Mobile keeps you in touch and in control at every stage of your journey.

  • Be A Mobile Booker

    Book for your travellers, manage itineraries on the move and enjoy complete visibility of bookings across all channels.

  • Everything At Your Finger Tips

    Enjoy incredible savings and speedy booking with passport and billing information all saved centrally.

  • Tailored Travel Alerts

    To pre-warn you of delays, cancellations or events – from terrorist alerts to taxi strikes.

  • Flight Tracking

    Monitor connecting flights on the move to avoid hold ups.

  • Send My Location

    Check-in when entering volatile areas for reassurance and protection.

  • Approve On The Go

    Approve wherever you are with a simple tap on your phone.

  • Approve on the go

    To help drive policy compliance and reduce the overall cost of travel, R&M/Mobile integrates with R&M/Approve. This allows travellers to approve trips on the go simply by clicking ‘approve’ or ‘decline’.

  • Duty of care

    R&M/Mobile demonstrates how much importance we place on duty of care for our travellers. Should alerts be raised for a traveller’s itinerary, due to an approaching weather front or political instability, R&M/Mobile is there to ensure that our travellers are aware and that a dedicated consultant is working on a solution to secure their safety and minimise downtime.