Travel managers and bookers…are you ready for what the global landscape will mean for business travel in 2023?

The challenges that lie ahead for corporate travel are certainly similar to leisure travel trends in 2023. These will be issues such as prices continuing to rise globally and staff shortages across the aviation and hospitality sectors. Also, continued geopolitical pressures will remain prevalent.

As the key person in charge of managing travel, your organisations’ need you to navigate this ever-changing global landscape.

What are the forecasts for business travel?

The industry remains cautious, but optimistic. Helping you to prepare, Reed & Mackay’s global leadership and advisory teams share their travel predictions and likely trends for 2023.

In the report, they delve into the issues that are likely to impact travel management and business trips in the next 12 months. You’ll find tips and guidance on how to manage those and ways to drive the traveller experience and manage travel budgets.

Discover new ways to steer through those challenges to produce maximum ROI for business travel spending.

Read the report for expert insight into business travel forecasts including:

·      Diversity, equality and inclusion having a higher priority in travel programmes

·      Better reporting on sustainability, thanks to improvements in global social and political attitudes 

·      The changing face of traveller wellbeing

·      Balancing the needs of different traveller demographics

·      Upcoming Brexit regulations and how to navigate them.

And much more around the travel trends expected in 2023.

Download the report here.

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