Reed & Mackay has released the first report in its new Thought Leadership series, designed to generate debate around key issues and topics affecting business travel management.

Kickstarting with Blockchain in travel management: the emergence of a new tech era? the Thought Leadership series seeks to encourage wider industry conversations to reimagine the future of business travel, raise the profile of the buyer’s voice and galvanise progress. The series’ inaugural report discusses the potential of blockchain technology – currently best known for its role in cryptocurrencies – in booking and managing business travel.

Blockchain technology explained

As the pace of blockchain technology adoption speeds up, it’s been touted as a remedy for many of the travel industry’s challenges. It could deal with mind-boggling complexity and transparency for trips, travellers and providers; help reconcile payments quickly and efficiently; and reduce dependence on intermediaries.

With contributions from some of the brightest minds in the technology and travel sphere – including blockchain specialists Temtum Group; Navan, the leading, global cloud-based T&E platform and parent company of Reed & Mackay; and the Lufthansa Group, one of the largest airlines in Europe – Reed & Mackay discusses the challenges the technology still faces in terms of wider adoption, how the business travel sector can learn from other sectors’ blockchain adoption and where it’s already being used effectively in travel.

can blockchain technology work for business travel?

The report also explores how some companies are already actively rolling out blockchain solutions in the business travel sector and asks whether blockchain technology can offer something better in business travel than current solutions. We ask where is blockchain now in the hype and adoption cycle? Where is its real potential in the corporate travel sector and what can we learn from other sectors using it?

Download the report here to find out more about blockchain technology’s potential role in the future of travel management.

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Enhancing personal service for clients

In addition to the new series of Thought Leaderships and upcoming White Papers, Reed & Mackay has also recently launched its ‘Let’s Talk’ series of educational briefings for clients.

The first, which launched in September, was designed to support clients in building a more responsible travel programme.