The Challenge: Aberdeen-based Texo Group, a service provider for the offshore sector, among others, had appointed Reed & Mackay as its TMC following a competitive tender. Its previous incumbent – a specialist in the offshore sector field – decided not to cover its notice period. Texo Group needed Reed & Mackay to fast forward its implementation plan.

The Solution: Working collaboratively, Reed & Mackay’s Implementation, Operations, Client Success and Technology team members successfully implemented Texo Group in record time, while ensuring its employees could travel with confidence.

Once a corporate travel management company signs a prospect as a client, progressing that relationship – the implementation phase – comes next. It is a crucial stage in establishing the foundations of a successful relationship with your client.

To understand Texo Group’s key requirements from a TMC, Reed & Mackay’s Senior Manager Strategy & Consultancy Bruce Ratcliff met with the multi-disciplinary organisation. Texo Group was looking for a consistent, local, personalised service and a consultative travel policy development. It also wanted value for money and visibility of its travellers.

Members of Reed & Mackay’s Sales, Client Success and Operations teams became involved in the tender process from the start. Having these teams working together ensured the client could be confident they had everything to start booking travel.

“Texo Group was also looking for more consistency over duty of care to its travellers. We also noticed a previous lack of travel policy and compliance had contributed to increased costs and concerns about best value,” Reed & Mackay Client Success Manager Donald Munro explains.

The implementation strategy

Following notification of its successful bid, Reed & Mackay scheduled a kick-off implementation call with Texo Group. Alongside Ratcliff and Munro, the call involved Reed & Mackay Implementation Manager Ana Antonio, Technical Implementation Manager Nikki Stewart and Head of Operations Graeme Fyvie.

Antonio explains the customer onboarding process and how, just after starting, the key milestones of the implementation stage had to be brought rapidly forward, due to external circumstances.

“At the kick-off meeting, we originally planned around eight weeks for the implementation stage. This would include developing a project plan with key milestones and setting a ‘go live’ date,” Antonio says. “However, Texo Group asked us to bring the original date forward. Its previous incumbent didn’t serve out its notice period.

“Texo Group has around 200 travellers. Due to the nature of its business and a high turnover of contractors, it requires some complex travel bookings. We joined forces with our Operations and Client Success teams and came together to speedily turn the implementation process around.”

There are key steps to implementing a client, which are integral to a good onboarding process. “We all understand that travel can be emotive. For example, travellers have particular preferences with schedules, accommodation etc. They need to complete their profiles to the fullest, so we can ensure they receive the travel experience they’re looking for,” Antonio adds.

“The implementation process included a training session of the R&M Portal and R&M/Book for all the bookers. This gave them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the tools and the booking process. They had the opportunity to ask questions too, before starting to book and drive customer success.”

Antonio scheduled in weekly update calls with all stakeholders to monitor progress and acquire additional information. And, working with Stewart, configured and tested the online booking build to ensure a seamless transition in a shorter space of time than originally anticipated.

speedy onboarding

Onboarding Texo Group took just 28 days. This was thanks to the solid collaboration from Sales, Implementation, Operations and Client Success teams at Reed & Mackay. This resulted in Texo Group awarding the highest mark, a ‘10’, in the TMC’s Implementation NPS Survey.

“We now have the customer service we were looking for,” Texo Group Senior Recruitment Consultant Aimee Gray says.

And Texo Group Commercial Manager Mark Mackie was equally impressed. “Texo Group appointed Reed & Mackay because of its people, its culture and the personalised service it offers,” he says. “Furthermore, we hadn’t previously considered the benefits of using an online booking tool (OBT), which we were shown through its proprietary OBT, R&M/Book,” he says.

“I understand there might be some teething issues as both teams get to know each other and settle into a working rhythm. However, I have to say the professionalism of the Reed & Mackay team and overall transition to date has impressed us and any bedding down is more likely to be from our side!”