As a travel manager you’re a skilled negotiator; a policy creator; a tech-savvy leader. And you’re balancing the needs and safety of a workforce back travelling again towards levels seen pre-COVID-19. It’s a fitting time to ask…is your travel programme meeting the needs of the modern business traveller and industry best practice?

EVALUATe your travel programme’s EFFECTIVENESS

Incorporating the best in risk management and travel payment solutions into your travel programme has always been essential, while considerations around wellbeing and sustainability have surged in significance in recent years. The way people travel has changed. When you throw in the added complexities of today’s global business travel landscape, and demonstrate travel’s essential strategic role in an organisation, staying in step with every element of the travel programme is a huge responsibility.


Give your travel programme a confidence-boosting health check with Reed & Mackay’s Advisory Team’s new Travel and Expense Health Check self-assessment tool.

Free to use, the health check tool has been designed to help whether you’re at the start of creating your travel programme or want to compare your mature programme strategy and capability with industry best practice and your peers.

Reed & Mackay created the assessment in partnership with leading specialists in the fields of risk management, travel policy, payment solutions, sustainability, wellbeing, resourcing and diversity, equality and inclusion – all essential elements to incorporate into a successful travel programme.

Once the easy-to-navigate assessment is completed, a bespoke report is returned to you within seven days. It will highlight your score levels in each category, with recommendations specific to you and your travel programme on how to hit the highest standards in all categories, plus advice on how to be compliant against necessary legislation.

The report will also be anonymised to develop a comparison report alongside your peers to understand how you are performing within your industry.

There’s also the option to receive a free consultation with a specialist to feedback on your responses.


If you would like to have a free assessment conducted by one of our business travel advisors, please contact or contact your Client Success Manager.