Reed & Mackay’s global expansion in corporate travel and events management continues at pace as we celebrate the full rebranding of Resia – which joined the Reed & Mackay family in June this year – to Reed & Mackay Sweden.

Reed & Mackay Managing Director Nordics Eva Moen Adolfsson reveals how the rebrand is a crucial part in strengthening the TMC’s position in Europe – as market demand for premium corporate travel and events services in Sweden grows – and the benefits the rebrand will deliver to clients.

Eva Moen Adolfsson, Reed & Mackay Managing Director Nordics


A well-known brand on Sweden’s corporate travel and event management landscape for 50 years, Resia’s journey to becoming part of Reed & Mackay has been a natural progression. Both travel management companies (TMCs) began life as family businesses – Reed & Mackay itself born more than 60 years ago – and both share a passion for delivering dedicated service to clients and a clear roadmap for innovation and growth in managed travel. 

The Gothenburg-based company’s foundations lie in both the B2B and B2C sectors yet, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was becoming more focused on B2B, boosting its regional industry and market expertise. Post-pandemic, the business further specialised in this area and became increasingly renowned for its strong meetings and events offering. When Resia was then acquired by Navan – Reed & Mackay’s parent company – in February 2022, it meant it could combine its heritage and client-focused approach with visionary travel management technology.

“Now, as we become Reed & Mackay Sweden, both current and prospective clients can be confident that – as a business with more than half a century’s experience in corporate travel management, and meetings and events, we are experts at both facing and solving challenges and growing a business,” Moen Adolfsson says.

Reed & Mackay Sweden’s head office is located in Gothenburg


A significant step in its journey to growth, Reed & Mackay Sweden clients will have access to a TMC with global reach. And, being able to service global customers in Sweden, and take Swedish clients out to the world, is a long-held ambition now realised by Moen Adolfsson and her team.

“We’re looking forward to be able to do this as Reed & Mackay Sweden,” Moen Adolfsson says. “We’ve worked with smaller-sized companies, now we’ll have the support to grow and work with medium size-plus companies. That’s the great thing about being part of the Reed & Mackay family; it’s a chance to grow, step by step, and it’s really exciting to be able to offer clients that global reach too.

“Plus, Reed & Mackay’s long-serving commitment to dedicated customer service means we can offer those increased levels of service to Swedish clients too, bringing added value to every aspect of travel and event management. We can learn so much from Reed & Mackay in this area,” Moen Adolfsson adds.


A further significant benefit of the rebrand is the retention of valuable on-the-ground, local knowledge and expertise – essential for introducing the Reed & Mackay brand to the Swedish market and delivering effective travel management solutions for organisations.

Moen Adolfsson explains that when a company in Sweden is acquired by a global organisation, they generally have to follow the travel policy of that organisation – despite traveller mindsets perhaps being different to that of headquarters. “Now, those clients will be served by a TMC who understands local traveller nuances and can incorporate them within their parent company’s global travel policy,” she says. “That’s a great advantage to have.

“And, as we move to being Reed & Mackay Sweden, our clients will continue working with a team that understands their business, with the same consultants they know and trust.”

That local knowledge goes deeper still – understanding the Swedish market is crucial to supporting clients create the best travel programmes possible.

“For example, there is a strong focus on sustainability in Sweden and employees certainly step up the pressure on their employers to focus on this seriously and include it in travel policies,” Moen Adolfsson adds.

“Business trips are increasingly booking the train in Sweden. For example, it’s three hours by rail between Gothenburg and Stockholm and, while flying is just under an hour, there’s the checking-in time to consider. This not only means the train is faster and cheaper but more environmentally friendly. Sustainability reporting to meet organisations’ ESG goals is becoming more important too, so understanding this mindset – and being able to support it through all Reed & Mackay’s product innovations – will be crucial to clients in the region.”


As Reed & Mackay Sweden launches to the market, Moen Adolfsson reflects on the strong connections that have been built between the teams.

“The Reed & Mackay senior leadership team has visited us many times as we moved towards our rebrand, plus we’ve been over to London, and a real connection has formed between us all,” Moen Adolfsson says. “Furthermore, now we’ll connect with Atlanta in Spain [which became part of the Reed & Mackay family at the end of last year and is set to rebrand as Reed & Mackay Spain early next year], and it’s exciting to see all these different workstreams coming together; it creates real excitement.

“We can learn from different markets, share trends and ideas. We’re constantly moving forwards and we’re excited about what we can deliver to our clients in the future.”

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