A custom built, automated and global report for a global medical device company, ensuring compliance and maximising internal productivity. With healthcare and wellness being at the forefront of everyone’s mind, our client needed to automate its reporting process, not only to ensure compliance with industry regulations, but to free up time that could be spent focusing on what they do best.


The global medical device company has offices in 14+ countries and delivers innovative, value-added surgical solutions to improve quality of life for patients worldwide.


Since 2010, medical product manufacturers have been required to deliver transparency reports under the Sunshine Act. This has a direct impact on how companies in the medical field need to report on travel expenditure. On Reed & Mackay’s appointment as TMC, the client had a labour intensive reporting process. In order to adhere to the Sunshine Act requirements, without placing continuous administrative strain on their business, they needed a smart solution.


With a timeline of just six weeks, our report development team collaborated with the medical device provider’s management team to build a global custom report, capturing the fields and point of sale data required by the Sunshine Act. With two weeks to spare the report was built and each country commenced a two-week testing period to ensure accuracy of data. Every trip now booked through Reed & Mackay for Surgeons or Health Care Professionals is automatically included in the monthly report. Not only does this make submission a breeze for the client, it also means that accuracy is guaranteed by removing the chance of human error.


We helped the client to save 10+ hours of administration per report and increase accuracy.


“Reed & Mackay was fantastic working with our teams in automating our Sunshine Act reporting process which has saved us a significant amount of administration time and increased accuracy of our reporting. Well done Reed & Mackay!” – Director of Global Travel