The client

  • A world leading company that specialises in technology and innovation in yeast and bakery ingredients. They currently operate in over 50 countries and are headquartered in the UK.


  • The client had a completely manual approval system that required travel invoices to be printed and physically signed by the approver. However, if the approver was also travelling, I t could delay the process by up to several weeks.
  • What’s more, the same process meant there was no pre-trip approval to ensure the most effective routes and airlines were being used. As the company continued to grow, improved visibility of travel activity would be vital.


    • After initial scoping meetings to review processes and map out new procedures, a demonstration of the approval system was given to Travel Managers and Bookers.
    • We then arranged for a further meeting to standardise new communications and to meet with the client’s finance team and ensure that the new procedure would benefit them.
    • For audit purposes, a bespoke email address was created for all approvals and sent to a central inbox.
    • After gaining management approval, we then ran a travel roadshow and took it to 70 staff to demonstrate the benefits of the new process.
    • Following this, a timeline for implementation was agreed and the client’s new policy was built within R&M/iQ to ensure a streamlined solution.

Results and future plans

  • Line managers and approvers now have full visibility of whether travellers are accepting the most cost effective/suitable route or carrier as well as traveller destinations. This also gives managers the ability to challenge travel before it takes place.
  • Invoices are now all pre-approved, meaning no more physical signatures are required.
  • Our new process has saved the travel booker team 2 days a month, while the client’s finance team has saved a further 2 days a month – allowing them to allocate that time to alternative issues.