Travel is making a comeback. Since August 2021 and following our acquisition by Navan, Reed & Mackay has seen remarkable growth in our U.S. business, to the tune of a 245% increase in volume.

This isn’t just post pandemic recovery. Its growth based on increasing demand for a high-touch service. Travel patterns are changing. Remote and hybrid work has become the new norm and many professionals are looking for face to face interaction with their colleagues. We’ve seen conference travel pick back up over the past year, and from July to August 2022, team travel jumped 73% as companies looked to bring remote employees together. And critically, our clients are seeing that their competitors are out there traveling. Building relationships. No one wants to be left behind.

As travel volumes increase, so does the focus on value, on savings, on efficiencies that can be found on the go. It’s why our clients want to work with our consultants. People who are experts in their field, who leverage deep knowledge and on the ground relationships to improve the travel experience.

While there are still challenges across the industry, never has the role of the travel management company (TMC) been more relevant.  At Reed & Mackay, we strive to find innovative solutions to ensure the service we provide our clients remains extraordinary, especially when our travelers need us most.


Like all TMCs, we experienced some dark days during the pandemic, but our recovery and growth has been remarkable. We wouldn’t be here without the amazing qualities of our people – the resolve of the reduced team we kept through COVID-19, the resiliency of the furloughed team who returned to Reed & Mackay, and the enthusiasm of the talented new employees we’ve added in 2022.

We make a consistent effort to show that we value our employees by engaging, supporting, developing, and appreciating them. If we can make Reed & Mackay a great place to work, our employees will take care of our clients, and that’s exactly what we are seeing. We have retained 97% of clients year-over-year in the United States and across the globe.

And that’s why we get to work with clients like the Bespoke Partners, EIG, and PSG Equity.

Navan, our parent company, predicts that September’s travel spend will continue to increase, with a 30% increase in travel spend compared with August. At Reed & Mackay North America, we continue to see that growth, in volume and in clients. We’re continuing to invest in our people and expand our teams; we’ve increased our U.S. employee base by 76% since January 2022. We are so proud of what our team has accomplished so far, but we’re just getting started!


We’re proud of the services we provide our clients, but we want to go beyond extraordinary service and be sure our clients have access to the tools they need to transform their business travel.

Our in-house development team continues to innovate our tools and infrastructure; doubling down on our commitment to deliver leading content to the U.S. market, including recently implementing Southwest Airlines into our booking technology, expanding Reed & Mackay’s award-winning Meetings and Events service to the United States and continuing to make sustainability a priority to ensure that the companies we work with can meet their corporate social responsibility goals. 

And with the backing of Navan, a market leader in innovation, it’s a very exciting time for Reed & Mackay and for our clients.

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