When a snow storm locked down the UK, we kept our clients moving.

When the Beast from the East hit the UK, the Siberian weather brought with it over 192 hours of severe travel disruption; roads were closed, thousands of flights were grounded and the UK rail system suffered numerous cancellations. Unprecedented temperatures and conditions even forced Scotland to issue its first ever red weather warning. Everything was starting to go into shut down – apart from Reed & Mackay. The arrival of this beast was our cue to step right up.


Using intelligence from the R&M/Protect service, we worked around the clock to advise and protect clients ahead of snow arriving. We also bolstered our out of hours resource so by the time the first flakes had landed we were ready to manage demand.

As we entered the eye of the storm we kept clients informed and connected through R&M/Mobile and an army of consultants determined to get our clients to where they needed to be. Our International Business Continuity certification, ISO 22301 means we are well practiced at keeping both your business and ours running smoothly in extraordinary circumstances.


Even when the numbers are stacked against us, we go above, and beyond to take care of our clients.

  • Using R&M/Mobile, we shared 32,000 flight updates over 192 hours of travel disruption from delays to gate changes.
  • We made 3,128 calls to our clients to help advise, protect and work with them to ensure that they got to their required destination.
  • We made 50% more changes to bookings than on an average week as we worked through the night to keep our clients moving.
  • Our ETS team received 54% more incoming calls and 76% more emails than on a typical week. They also received a record amount of commendations.


While the Beast from the East was an exceptional circumstance, at Reed & Mackay we’re always ready for the unexpected. No matter what happens, no matter what time of the day or night, we take pride in being able to react swiftly to any perceived threat to your travel plans. When extraordinary things happen, extraordinary people go to great lengths to make sure you or your staff get to your chosen destinations.


“Penny re-booked my flight five times in the end while providing excellent care and information, keeping me calm! She even followed up this morning to check I had got home ok – much appreciated.”

“The fact that you were on the end of the phone made it all less isolating and certainly reduced my anxiety levels. I know it’s just “what you do” but even so…”

“Just wanted to say how fab the team have been with the snow this week! We’d be lost without them.”