As a travel programme manager, travel booker or arranger, your colleagues’ comfort and overall travel experience is top of mind. With reduced capacity and increased cost causing friction points for travellers, added value items, such as upgrades, or early check-in, can make a significant difference to your traveller’s overall experience and wellbeing. Your travel management company can, of course, leverage buying power and supplier relationships to deliver an enhanced travel experience. But did you know you can also secure added benefits by enrolling travellers in an airline, car hire or hotel loyalty programme?

Popular examples include Lufthansa Miles & More , Emirates Skywards, Marriott Bonvoy and Hilton Honours. You can tailor your overall loyalty programme to support preferred supplier agreements, while considering individual traveller preferences.


By signing up for these programmes, your corporate travellers gain access to a range of benefits, including priority check-in, lounge access and upgrades, which save them time and enhance their comfort. They can also earn points or miles redeemed for free flights or complimentary hotel stays. In addition, as they accumulate points, they earn recognition and exclusive opportunities that can only be earned through the programme.

Recent Developments to Popular Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programmes have come a long way from their traditional structure and brands are now incorporating dynamic technologies to offer personalised experiences and tailored rewards. For example, British Airways and Iberia recently replaced their Avios points with a new currency called ‘Airmiles’, providing travellers with more flexibility in redeeming rewards. JetBlue’s TrueBlue programme has also been replaced by a new system called ‘Tile’ and four mosaic tier levels, which makes it easier for travellers to understand and achieve their status. Elsewhere, American Airlines has updated its AAdvantage programme to include on-demand rewards and dynamic pricing.

It doesn’t stop there. Suppliers are working in partnership to match travellers’ loyalty status. And, as those loyalty programmes evolve, we are likely to see deeper connections established across brands, with points earned at a hotel being redeemed in restaurants, enhancing the traveller’s experience even further.

top tips for loyalty programme success

  • Ensure your travellers are aware they must sign up for loyalty programmes using their name as it is written on their passport. Otherwise, travellers can miss gaining significant loyalty points. This is particularly crucial if you’re using automated systems to complete forms.
  • You can check the name held with the supplier by logging into the loyalty programme account, contacting customer support or asking at check-in.

Enrolling your business travellers in loyalty programmes can significantly enhance their travel experience, saving them time and money, and provide them exclusive rewards and recognition. At Reed & Mackay, we can help you maximise your corporate loyalty programme, unlock exclusive rates and more. Contact us today to learn how we deliver more for your travel programme. Additionally, click here to discover 5 Quick Ways to Maximise Frequent Flyer Points.

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