Establish new travel booking processes to support commercial targets identified as part of a procurement initiative

The implementation

  • After an online consultancy project, R&M/Book was identified as the best fit for the client’s online booking requirements
  • The tool was introduced across the business directing all point-to-point air, rail and hotel bookings to be made online
  • A communication strategy was created with key information shared across the business highlighting the benefits of booking in advance
  • Centralised reporting enabled identification of declined savings levels and clear visibility of online adoption rates
  • Reed & Mackay, together with the client, established a specific list of exception codes and out of policy reasons to monitor out of policy activity

Results and future plans

  • The client’s online adoption now stands at 91% with a fee reduction of 47%
  • The next step is an international roll out of R&M/Book starting with the USA to increase savings and adoption across the globe