A relentless schedule leaves no time for last minute visas

  • The relentless schedule meant that the Board members were not on the ground for more than two days, in any one location for a number of weeks. This presented a challenge when Jakarta was added to the itinerary at the very last minute and a visa was required.
  • As the traveller’s passports were in use, the Board members were unable to secure an Indonesian visa through the standard application process which requires the passport.

Finalising visas on the runway

  • Discussions with immigration officials at Jakarta Soekarno–Hatta International Airport confirmed that business visas could be obtained upon arrival provided the passports are stamped before leaving the aircraft.
  • To facilitate this, we organised for two pre-cleared, temporary airside passes so that the clients’ security team (already in Jakarta) and an Indonesian official could meet each Board member at the plane, stamping their passport with the entry requirements whilst still on the runway.

A clear passage to the board meeting

  • The travel team then organised for clear passage from the airport to the Board’s final destination in Jakarta. This included special security to guide the travellers through the airport, clearance to by-pass entry security and a chauffeured limousine with approval to park in a diplomatic bay to ensure a speedy exit form the airport. The limousine was accompanied by police escort to combat the Jakarta rush hour.