Mental health affects individuals 365 days of the year. And, while there are many factors that can affect mental health, your workplace can be a contributing factor.

At Reed & Mackay, we place the mental health and wellbeing of our staff at the forefront of our values. Our vision is: ‘To power the in-person connections that move people, ideas and businesses forward.’ One of the founding principles of this vision is Care. ‘We treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves, demonstrate compassion and empathy, go out of our way to promote equal opportunity and protect the wellbeing of colleagues.’

Mental health in the workplace

“We want our employees to thrive and enjoy a positive working environment. We want them to work in a place where both physical health and mental wellbeing is always high on the agenda,” Reed & Mackay Head of HR UK Lucy Barton says.

“Knowledge is key and we empower our employees to feel, know and understand how important it is to look after your body and mind. As a business we have built a culture designed to protect and nurture our employees. In order to create organisational and individual resilience we intervene early and support through every step of recovery.”

We’re doing everything we can to look after our own staff, to ensure we create a positive work environment. And we also want to partner with charities within our key industries that champion mental health conditions and wellbeing on a larger scale.

Within our Travel Management Company, we have a successful Groups, Meeting and Events division.

A career in event management was recently ranked in a list of 30 of the most stressful jobs. And that may take a toll on mental health.

At Reed & Mackay, we are in the unique position of having event managers who not only work directly with event professionals at venues, they also liaise with event managers within our clients’ organisations. So we really see the 360° of the stresses of the job from different angles.

We wanted to do something to show our support and tackle mental health, not only with our own staff working within the industry, but support mental health awareness within the events industry as a whole. And we are delighted to announce we have signed the EventWell Manifesto.

How does EventWell support mental health in the events industry?

EventWell is calling for an events industry where the mental health of ALL its creative and event professionals is supported and protected.

An event industry where wellbeing is at the heart of every event, every trip, every experience and every business. An industry that is in line with our vision: “To make tangible change to the event industry’s relationship with wellbeing”.

We are calling for all creative and event businesses and organisations to talk openly about mental health in the workplace, as well as at busy events and experiences. Asking to create safe environments where team members won’t be afraid to ask for support for any mental health issues when needed. And to ensure they’re able to thrive and achieve a healthy work life balance.

You can contact EventWell: INFOLINE 10am – 2pm, Monday to Thursday on 0800 470 0958.

If you are an event professional struggling with mental health you can also contact Soundings Connect for support.

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