Reed & Mackay has released the next report in its new Thought Leadership series, intended to spark debate around current topics and issues that affect business travel management.

Rethinking travel management as climate change intensifies will be released in two parts. Part One, here, highlights the challenges that businesses are facing as global temperatures rise and climate change intensifies.

The report discusses the role of corporate travel within that scope, the drivers of change and the challenges ahead, such as evaluating risk, business continuity plans and changing regulations to achieve net zero emissions.

Business continuity, climate change and economic growth

As the pandemic showed, companies – when necessary – are able to operate in a more flexible way and still garner success.

Indeed, many businesses are now becoming ‘forward-leaning’, facing climate change head on with their business continuity planning. They’re developing robust plans to tackle greenhouse gases and reach net zero by 2050.

However, some companies are still not taking its effects seriously enough and must rethink their priorities, for the long term.

What are the challenges and driving forces for change?

The report delves into factors that are pushing for positive environmental change. An increase in data transparency and access to net zero targets are both motivating companies towards proactivity.

Together, with a post-pandemic increase in demand for reduced emissions and a more flexible corporate attitude, companies are compelled to give precedence to combating climate change.

Download the report now to find out more about business travel management’s role as climate change intensifies.

In Part Two, which will be released next week, the report will explore what the opportunities are around evolving travel policies to meet sustainability targets. It will also highlight where else the travel industry needs to play a key role and where the future of managed travel could be rethought to achieve sustainability goals.

Where do you think travel management needs to change as climate change intensifies?

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