When you need the perfect blend of service and technology there’s only one solution.

With online adoption at just 20% and travellers increasingly making bookings outside of the managed programme, the consulting firm knew they needed an upgraded solution.

Not only was leakage compromising the high levels of duty of care that they wanted to deliver, it was also compromising the everyday traveller experience.

A lack of reporting meant no clear picture of why compliance and adoption was so low, and, coupled with insufficient visibility of total spend to negotiate strategically with suppliers, they were struggling to provide a travel service they were proud of.


The consultants needed a digital travel toolbox to meet the changing expectations of their travellers. A specialist themselves in providing software solutions that enable business, they knew that with the right technology platform, adoption would soar.


That’s when the consulting firm appointed Reed & Mackay. The Reed & Mackay team had three key objectives:

  • Strategic consultancy and reporting that provided true value
  • A strong suite of technology including a mobile app
  • A high touch offline service that wowed travellers on a daily basis


Buy-in is earned by listening to client needs. That’s why the Reed & Mackay team started with a small pilot group of key travellers, including a number of Managing Directors. Over the course of four months, the team worked to get to the heart of the traveller’s needs to deliver a platform that really worked for the client. For instance, the ability to cancel bookings on both the online tool and mobile app was key; a feature that now benefits Reed & Mackay’s wider client base.

Delivering on the needs of the pilot group saw online adoption increase from 20% to in excess of 60%.


With R&M/Insights providing far greater visibility of spend, the Reed & Mackay team were able to make strategic recommendations to policy in key areas such as introducing hotel rate caps and maximising advanced purchase. Better still, our client now has direct access to their data in an easy to use, highly visual tool to support strategic management of their programme.


The consulting firm now has a first-class travel programme and, with the confidence that it meets their needs, they are ready to roll out and mandate the programme across their business.