Relocations and secondments can be stressful, for both those moving and for those who manage them within global mobility departments. Coupled with the fact that they can be costly for law firms, it’s important that they are managed with everyone’s best interests at heart.

At Reed & Mackay we take a different approach to secondments and relocations. We’ve supported thousands of lawyers move overseas and also helped many return home, in doing so we have learnt a thing or two.

Our legal travel experts work proactively with our client’s global mobility departments. We know the importance of ensuring that we have contacted trainees, or those about to relocate, well ahead of time. By capturing the necessary travel information and ensuring it is saved in traveller profiles, well before your people are even thinking about their flights, we are setting your secondments and relocations up for success.

When it’s the right moment to book the trip, we make sure our clients aren’t stung by limited baggage allowances. When you’re going away for six months or moving to the other side of the world indefinitely, it’s hard to travel light. We book carriers with the most favourable excess and large baggage allowances, rather than those that charge a much higher percentage of the total fare. This is something which is easily overlooked but makes a real difference when being posted overseas. It also keeps costs down.

Such insights, combined with the smartness of our advisors and the agility of our tech, helps deliver real value across every part of our service.