• Many areas across the business were working on important travel risk mitigation projects – all in isolation. As a result, no comprehensive gap analysis could be conducted which left the business exposed in key areas.


  • To bring together all areas of the business to streamline Travel Risk Management, conduct a gap analysis to determine areas of exposure, identify potential solutions and build a comprehensive policy.

The solution

  • Gap Analysis – Comprehensive travel risk analysis conducted covering General Travel, Travel to High Risk Areas, Policy and Process, Insurance, Communications, Vehicles and Group Transport, Hotel Standards, Cyber Security and Scenario Planning.
  • Identified Risks and Solutions – Key areas of exposure were identified and solutions suggested:

Risk – Insurance only applied for travellers outside of their home country – this provided a challenge for local employees

Solution – Scenario planning exercise with TMC, RMC, and Insurance company to consider how travel risk mitigation should be applied to local employees

Risk – Travellers were not being proactively informed of in country risks prior to travel

Solution – Educational material is now shared pre trip, attached to itineraries and available in the travel app

Risk – Travellers had not had any travel risk mitigation training and felt exposed in high risk areas

Solution – In addition to specific situational training for select employees, e-learning was organised for all employees, covering:

  • Basic Travel Security Awareness
  • Female Traveller Security
  • Information Security When Travelling
  • Avoiding Bribery and Corruption When Travelling
  • Kidnap for Ransom
  • Natural Disasters

Risk – Only one individual in the business had access to key contact details and these were not stored centrally

Solution – A response group was created and all key contact details for the team, travellers, specialist suppliers or in country services are now stored centrally in the travel portal which can be accessed safely even if the business’ VPN is not operating.