The Essential Traveller Companion – R&M/Mobile keeps you in touch and in control at every stage of your journey.

  • Everything At Your Finger Tips

    Enjoy incredible savings and speedy booking with passport and billing information all saved centrally.

  • Be A Mobile Booker

    Book for your travellers, manage itineraries on the move and enjoy complete visibility of bookings across all channels.

  • Switch Devices To Finish Booking

    Search live availability schedules when plans change or enjoy the convenience of starting a shortlist on your phone and finishing it on your desktop.

  • Approve On The Go

    Approve wherever you are with a simple tap on your phone.

  • Full Itinerary Storage

    Store all your trip details in one place for convenience.

  • Boarding Passes

    Integrated within mobile wallet to speed you through the airport.

  • Tailored Travel Alerts

    To pre-warn you of delays, cancellations or events – from terrorist alerts to taxi strikes.

  • Flight Tracking

    Monitor connecting flights on the move to avoid hold ups.

  • Local Travel Maps & Information

    Quickly find your way around unfamiliar destinations.

  • Send My Location

    Check-in when entering volatile areas for reassurance and protection.