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Global Travel Technology

Our global technology platform is designed to navigate the travel complexities faced by high-performance businesses. Developed for the specific needs of our clients, it’s available across the globe, which means a consistently superior experience, 24/7, no matter where you are.

A screenshot of our proprietary technology

A single ecosystem

  • app

    Mobile Booking App

    Unrivalled content with in-built policy and approval automation
  • portal

    Global Management Portal

    Book, review, report, all from one central hub saving you valuable time
  • risk-management

    Risk Management Platform

    Traveller tracking, country risk intelligence and the latest COVID-19 restrictions
  • sustainability-tools

    Sustainability Tool kit

    Point of sale carbon intelligence, personalised reporting and carbon offsetting
  • business-insight

    Business Insight tools

    The information you need to make fast and smart decisions that drive real change
  • fare-checker

    Automated Fare and Rate Checkers

    Best value content for cost control and policy compliance

Our Technology

From a mobile app to keep travellers connected on the move, to travel risk mitigation tools to protect your business and your people. Our technology won’t let you down.

Download the reed & mackay app

Exclusively available to Reed & Mackay clients, R&M/Mobile is more than an app, it’s a travel companion.

A screenshot of a phone using R&M Mobile to access flight itinerary

Watch how our technology can help your travellers

For Managers

Connected Globe

Advanced approval engine for safety and savings

Our multi-tiered approval system integrates seamlessly with R&M’s proprietary technology as well as third-party tools. With R&M/Book nothing is missed with a flexible and responsive workflow, protecting people as well as budgets.


We don’t force square pegs into round holes. We deliver solutions that work for your business and for your market. Our wholly-owned suite of technology means that we have the freedom and agility to easily plug in the latest travel innovations while maintaining centralised global reporting, approval and risk management.

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