Since June 2020, Southwest has launched approximately 80 new routes within their pre-pandemic network, with 66 airports receiving new nonstop service (excluding new airports and Hawaii). We’re thrilled to announce Southwest content is now available across Reed & Mackay’s full technology eco-system including R&M/iQ, R&M/Book and R&M/Mobile.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s corporates and their travelers, R&M/iQ is more than an agent booking platform. It is the engine that powers Reed & Mackay’s entire suite of propriety technology and flows both content and essential data seamlessly into R&M/Book and R&M/Mobile for an effortless experience, however you choose to book.  


This is the latest in our commitment to provide extensive content and fast, personalized service at the greatest value. The integration of Southwest Airlines into R&M/iQ ensures a single source of leading content for end-to-end trip management and the convenience of a client-led booking experience both online and through a consultant.

Reed & Mackay’s travel experts can even access on-time flight records to ensure you don’t have issues with tight connections or meeting schedules due to delays; a feature also available in R&M/Book for those who prefer to self-serve online. Other online benefits include:

  • Ability to select Southwest Airlines routes online with ease
  • Ability to book the entire trip, from airfare to hotel and more in one place
  • Ability to track Southwest itineraries, flight status and more on the move with R&M/Mobile
  • Ability to compare the best value across routes, identify the most sustainable travel options, and discover Covid-19 safety intelligence for your destination

In addition, with Southwest in our platform, our consultants can access on-time flight records to avoid issues with tight connections or turning up to a meeting late as a result of selecting a flight that is regularly delayed.


It’s a well-known fact that if travelers can’t find the content they’re looking for, they leave the platform. When this happens, traveler tracking and safety are compromised.

That’s why at Reed & Mackay, we centralize leading content in one ecosystem across all booking channels and with integrated policy management, to ensure your travelers are both safe and happy. As a result, policy adoption soars and costs come down.

Another benefit to booking Southwest through R&M’s experienced consultants, or by using our online or mobile booking tool, is the 360-degree service approach. Not only can you access 24/7/365 support in case of emergency, you also have access to smart features such as CO2 emissions at the point of sale.


Travelers have even more flexibility and value with Southwest’s new Wanna Get Away PlusTM Fares and enhancements to Anytime fares:

Wanna Get Away PlusTM Fares

  • Earn more rewards for travelers and businesses
  • Same-day changes and standby gives travelers added flexibility without additional airline charges
  • Transferable flight credits for Rapid Rewards members

Anytime Fares

  • EarlyBird Check-In® is now included, so travelers can get an earlier boarding position and earlier access to overhead bins.
  • Priority Lane and Express Lane benefits get you to the front of the ticket counter faster and help speed you through security lines in select cities.
  • Anytime fares are refundable and transferable flight credit benefits.

At Reed & Mackay, we strive to ensure our clients have the flexibility they need when it comes to something as personal as travel. Watch this space as we expand our high-value content and benefits for our clients.