The legal employment market has moved so quickly, and recruitment of the best talent continues to be highly competitive.

Bloomberg Law recently reported that nearly half of lawyers report being open to new opportunities, and one in 10 lawyers are actively pursuing new job opportunities. The legal professional is not alone, 2021 was the labelled the year of the “Great Resignation.” With so many workers, including those in the legal profession, actively planning a change in employer, travel is one way to differentiate your package to support retention and aid recruitment.

By working with a legal travel expert, you will be able to develop your travel policy to place a greater focus upon your traveler’s wellbeing and productivity. We have worked closely with a range of our legal clients to establish and implement protocols surrounding red eye flights and guidelines for driving following long flights.

In an era when many employees have reported signs of burnout, concerns and administration in relation to travel is one area that can be easily taken off your lawyers’ plates by working with a travel specialist. We ensure that everything is taken care of, so your people can focus on doing what they do best. Whether it’s working behind the scenes to help clients avoid travel chaos following extreme weather, or offering check-in as standard, we always go the extra mile. 94% of the time we contact our clients before they call us. We work around the clock to address potential issues and keep your lawyers safe. With Reed & Mackay, your travelers will have complete peace of mind.

We’re also more than a ‘booking service.’ We make sure your travelers have just the right working environment when traveling. Access to secure Wi-Fi, space for a laptop and charging docks are paramount. By holding more detailed travel preferences than any other travel management company, your people will be fully cared for when on the road.

Use your travel program as another way of showing your employees how they are valued. Email or contact your client success manager to learn more.