Navan/Reed & Mackay Events Team FAQs

Navan/Reed & Mackay Events Team FAQS

Thank you for taking time to check out our Meeting & Events Travel Department. Our team is made up of members from both Navan and Reed & Mackay. Navan acquired Reed & Mackay in 2021 and has been integrating technology and high touch service to bring you the best of both worlds. 

We offer both Managed Event Services and Free Venue Sourcing. Please see below for some of the most commonly asked questions. If you need additional information, would like to set up a meeting to discuss more, or have questions not answered below, please contact us via email at


What does complimentary hotel venue sourcing offer?

The Meetings & Events team at Reed & Mackay offers a broad range of event management services including room block/venue sourcing, and general travel management support.

  • Our team works with groups of 10 or more hotel rooms in the US and abroad.
  • We provide hotel bids to the requester within 2-3 business days. 
  • Once the hotel is selected we will review the initial contract and provide a formal introduction at which point you will work directly with the hotel to sign the contract and complete payment arrangements.
  • Reservations are not uploaded into the individual guest profiles.
    • Reed & Mackay Events Team offers roomlist uploads as part of our Managed Service. See below for further details. 

How many rooms are required for a room block?

Our team follows the group booking guidelines that hotels require in order to book a contracted room block (10 or more rooms per night). If you are booking less than 10 rooms, we recommend you use the Navan platform. There is a delegate feature that allows you to book individual rooms on behalf of travelers. Reach out to your customer success manager at Navan for training on that feature.

How do I request a room block?

Please fill out the meeting request form here.

What if I don’t have the minimum number of rooms but also need meeting space?

Our venue find service requires groups with a minimum of 10 guest rooms.

How many days before the event do I need to request a room block?

All requests require a 30 day lead time.

What other services do we offer?

  • Room block: 10+ contracted rooms at the same hotel at a discounted rate (think SKOs)
  • Air-only event: An event that only requires flights to a meeting or an event
  • Offsite: Employee meeting not at an office
  • Incentive event: Reward and recognition event for employees (eg. President’s Club)
  • MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (overall synonymous with M&E)
  • Event registration page: Event planning tool to help track logistics and event RSVPs (eg. cvent)
  • Group air block: 10+ contracted seats on a flight at a set price


Is meeting space sourcing a complimentary service?

Yes! When accompanied with a room block of 10 or more. 

Can we book catering?

Yes! When accompanied with a room block and a confirmed managed service agreement. Please contact your Navan Client Success Manager for these managed services. 

Can we book AV services?

Yes! When accompanied with a room block and a confirmed managed service agreement. Please contact your Navan Client Success Manager for these managed services.


What types of managed services do you offer?

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Branded Event Registration Website
    • Click here for a demo
  • Rooming List Management
  • Ground Transportation 
  • Group Air/ Train
  • Many additional high touch travel management services
  • Please contact your Navan Client Success Manager for these managed services. 

How far in advance do I need to contact you for a fully managed event?

All requests require a 90 day lead time.

Ground Transportation:

Can I book ground transportation? (e.g., black car service, bus, and shuttle)

Yes! As part of our managed travel service.  


What if there is a surge in covid cases in the area we want to travel?

Each hotel has their own policy and this is a question our team asks the hotel when sourcing. Many hotels have adapted a “Force Majeure” policy which protects guests if federal or state regulations do not allow travel. This is not based on your company policy but only on government policies.

What is Force Majeure?

A clause that covers the parties when unforeseeable circumstances prevent someone from fulfilling a contract. In reference to travel this includes provisions for Covid and varieties should the federal government enact policies that affect your ability to travel. This is not based on company policy – only directed government policies.