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Get more from your travel budget and gain complete control and visibility of spend.

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Unbeatable corporate travel savings and value

We work closely with our clients to build and manage travel budgets, leveraging our global spend, smart technology and close industry relationships to help you get more for less.

Our in-house experts, state-of-the-art technology and extensive content ensure your travel program always achieves the best value.

How can you save money and add value to your corporate travel program?


  • Exclusive fares: No need to shop around with access to wide-ranging, best value content
  • Stay within policy: Clear guidance on what’s in policy or needs additional approval
  • Trip optimization: On-time flight records and online check-in so you can focus on your work
Female business traveller within travel policy

Travel Managers

  • Best value fares: Our fares experts use their experience (on average 15 years) to secure you the value without compromising service
  • Leverage the buying power of a global TMC to ensure you are always securing competitive savings
  • Complete visibility: Global approval and budget control technology provides visibility of spend and adherence to travel policy
Travel managers discussing best value fares

Finance Managers

  • Substantial savings with your travel policy built-in to the entire booking process
  • Dynamic dashboards: Access invoices and reporting that provides insight into your business’ travel spend and identifies areas to save
  • Virtual payment cards: Save your team time and reduce the risk of fraud
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“R&M/Portal is fantastic and really important…

I have access to invoices and travel spend… I also encourage our travelers to use R&M/Mobile, because we’re on full billback and the app gives access to the virtual card. The virtual card solves a lot of problems with hotel payments and, for those travelling regularly, it stores all their hotel and flight reservations too.”

Chris Lehane Corporate Travel Manager, FD Technologies

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