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Travel is powerful. At Reed & Mackay, we recognize the way it shapes our environment, our communities, and our perspectives. We understand that we must harness the power of travel and take the steps needed to improve and protect this extraordinary world.

For our clients

Making Informed Travel Decisions


A sustainable business travel program doesn’t just help to protect the planet. It tells the world what sort of a business you are. It attracts talent. It brings you closer to your customers and increases the value of your business.​

​That’s why we provide our clients with point of sale carbon visibility, ‘switch to rail’ carbon savings, badging of eco-hotels, dynamic reduction dashboards, and access to a comprehensive offsetting program.

Sustainability reporting dashboard

Eco-dashboard changes traveler behavior


Sustainability has never been of greater importance, and it is with great pride that we share our 2023 Sustainability & Responsible Business Report.

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Reed & Mackay has been awarded the EcoVadis gold rating in recognition of our commitment towards sustainability and corporate social responsibility. EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings.

Sustainability Ecovadis rating Gold

Within our business



Being a responsible company isn’t just about having a policy, or saying the right thing. It’s about the way we think, the way we behave and running our business sustainably, with a sense of purpose and a consciousness about the world be inhabit.

Business affects communities and impacts the environment. But being a conscious business is what empowers our people and makes a positive difference. It’s integral to the way we work, and puts sustainability at our core.

Sustainability Stats

  • Certified to ISO14001

    First TMC to certify to ISO14001, Internationally recognized environmental standard
  • Reduction

    Net-zero commitment

    Committed to set near- and long-term company-wide emission reductions targets in line with science-based net-zero with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).
  • Un Development

    UN Global Compact

    Committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our Promise

  • Windfarm

    Our Planet

    We care deeply about the impact of travel on our planet, which is why we are working with ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners to deliver comprehensive carbon footprinting, carbon offsetting solutions, and CarbonNeutral certification to our client base.
  • Reed & Mackay colleagues

    Our People

    People are at the heart of our worlds, both for us as a business and for every one of us as individuals. We’re proud of our diverse workforce and work hard to support them. 29% of our board and leadership team are women and through our management development program, accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, that’s a growing number.
  • Responsible travel

    Our Partnerships

    We work with all our industry partners to create a more sustainable future for everyone. From helping people to make smarter travel choices to understanding what small steps you can take as an individual, together we can make a real difference.


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