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Travel management

At Reed & Mackay, we ensure that busy professionals can get to where they need to be. Feeling safe, informed, and confident. Knowing that should they need us, we’re only ever a phone call away.

No trip is too complex, and no detail is too small. We track every thread of this interconnected world, for business travel that never unravels.

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Experience matters

Your People. Our Passion.

Travel has never been more complex. Your employees don’t just need innovative travel technology to keep them safe, informed, and connected. They need access to real travel experts.

Our highly skilled consultants deal with the intricacies of crossing borders with the right documentation, visas, and vaccinations every day. With an average of 15+ years of experience, they are trained to absorb and apply new information at speed. Helping your travellers and your business to navigate today’s landscape with confidence.

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  • Flexible and Bespoke Solutions

    We make it our business to understand yours. Whether that means offering Reed & Mackay technology, or integrating with a high-performing partner for booking, expense or risk.
  • Unrivaled Experience and Content

    With 15 years of average agent experience we do far more than simply book your travel; we blend the very best in service with market-leading technology.
  • Expansive Content Reach

    We harness over $5 billion of travel spend to deliver exceptional value to your business and your travelers, with wide-reaching localized content, tailored to the needs of the business traveler.

Global Travel Technology

Giving you power through one central platform to keep your people safe, control costs and enhance the travel and booking experience. The combination of R&M/Portal, our central hub for managers and bookers, R&M/Protect, which enables you to book everything you need in one place simply and efficiently, and R&M/Insights, our easy-to-read dashboards, means our clients are always one step ahead. Our technology is designed for the needs of a modern business, our technology won’t let you down.

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Attention to detail


We’re used to moving heaven and earth, and sometimes even the sun. Seating preferences are highly personal. So, when we discovered one of our clients didn’t like flying with the sun on his side of the plane, we knew we would have to move the sun for him.

Sound complicated?

Not when you know-how. Yet it makes a big difference to our travelers, – helping them stay cool, calm, collected and ready for business. If it matters to you, it matters to us. It’s that simple.

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Data that Delivers

Dynamic dashboards providing the data you need to make business decisions based on fact, not guesswork, are a given.

But we also know that it takes the right applied expertise to bring data to life in a way that shapes strategy and drives results.

That’s where our award winning Client Success team come in.

Case study: Getting reporting right
With healthcare and wellness being at the forefront of everyone’s mind, our client needed to automate their reporting to ensure compliance and improve productivity. Reed & Mackay’s report development team stepped up and dedicated over 20 hours to the challenge. Discover the impressive timesaving we achieved for our client.

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Risk management and an in-house emergency travel team

Nothing matters more to us than the safety of your people.

We deliver a 100% in-house 24/7 global risk mitigation service, managed by a team of experts who are trained to deal with the unexpected.

94% of the time we contact clients before they call us.

Case study: Would you let a storm stand in your way?
When a developing storm was forecast to be disruptive to northern Europe, our Incident Management team jumped into action to keep travelers moving. Find out how we proactively supported a law firm with tailored alerts and a plan B.

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Our advanced content search delivers the most comprehensive comparison.

We aggregate intelligence from direct connects, GDS and non-GDS sources, as well as local and global market content tailored to the needs of the business traveller. The unrivalled options allow comprehensive comparison shopping, to provide you with increased savings and faster responses.

Our smart, client-led system conducts 150% more searches than pure GDS search to enable you to drive cost efficiency and best buying and travel behaviours.

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Continuously driving savings and adding value

We work hard to ensure our clients get more for less, we’re constantly looking for creative ways to add additional value to our client’s travel programs.

From utilizing unused tickets to rebooking hotels at lower rates and securing hotel or airline upgrades, our consultants do far more than simply book your travel.

Case study: Securing $400,000 from unused tickets
When COVID-19 hit, protecting our client’s businesses was a given. Discover how we secured 80% of a client’s cash that could have been lost from unused tickets.

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  • Hotel safety – Select a hotel with enhanced cleaning practices, and workplace protocols to meet new health and safety challenges
  • Airline Intelligence – key information and images provided by the airlines on the measures that they have taken to keep travelers safe
  • Enhanced risk intelligence – COVID-19 traveler tracking map, and destination-specific intel -available on itineraries and in the REIM app
  • COVID-19 risk advisory email – automated email ahead of travel outlining key considerations -e.g. completion of health forms

A dedicated team, wherever you are.

Covering over 50 markets, we’re global – but with a difference. We’re boutique. More focused. More accountable. We care about every traveler, every single meeting, and every single booking. If you work with us in multiple locations then you’ll feel that same passion and commitment to service. We’re one team. Collectively focused on surpassing the expectation of our clients, every day, everywhere.

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